Kunci Gitar Steelheart - She's Gone Chord Dasar

Intro: Am F G E Em F F-Em Dm Bm E [2x]

   She's gone
   Out of my life
   I was wrong
   I'm to blame
    Em          F  F-Em
   I was so untrue
  Dm        Bm
   I can't live without
   her love..

   In my life
   There's just an empty space.
   G                  E
   All my dreams are lost,
       Em         F..F-Em
   I'm wasting away.
  Dm    Bm      E
   Forgive me, girl...

   F                 C    C-Bm-Am
   Lady, won't you save me?
       G                D
   My heart belongs to you..
   F                 C     C-Bm-Am
   Lady, can you forgive me?
       G                 D
   For all I've done to you..
   F         G   
   Lady, oh, lady..


   She's gone,
   Out of my life.
   Oh, she's gone,
   I find it so
        Em    F..F-Em
   hard to go on.
  Dm        Bm
   I really miss that girl
   my love...

   Come back
   into my arms.
   I'm so alone,
   I'm begging you,
       Em           F   F-Em
   I'm down on my knees.
 Dm     Bm      E
   Forgive me, girl..

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Musik: Am F G E Em F F-Em Dm Bm E..

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Chord Steelheart - She's Gone

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