Kunci Gitar Fly Away - Adikara Fardy Chord Dasar

Intro : C E Am C7
        F C Dm G#

C           E
 I’d be the sun 
                  Am    C7
if it’d warm your heart
F               C
 I could be the moon 
                Dm     G
in your darkest nights..

C           E
 I can be a star
                     Am  C7
like the one in your eye
I can be everything
as long as you sing
 Dm                 G
along to the song I sing..

C             E
 in my dreams you,
                Am    C7
and I are a bit older
F                C
 got to kiss you everyday
              Dm     G
cause we’re together..

C                  E
 been talking to myself
              Am    C7
for a million times
how could a heart like hers
ever loved
  Dm              G
a heart like mine..

F              Em
 please.. tell me when
Dm                G
 please.. tell me how..

Reff :
    C            Em
 we could fly.. away
         F             G
 not for tomorrow or today
      C         Em
 I wanna fly.. away
 with you..
         G         (C)
 for the rest of my life..

Int. C C7 -Em

F             Em
 don’t shed a tear
cause I won’t be gone
for long..

F            Em
 wait for me dear
-D#  Dm
like I promised You
it all gonna be worth it..

Musik : F Em Dm C Dm-Em
        F Em Fm Gm G#m A#..

Reff : (Overtune)
    D#           Gm
 we could fly.. away
         G#            A#
 not for tomorrow or today
      D#        Gm
 I wanna fly.. away
 with you..
 A#                    D#
   for the rest of my life..


Chord Fly Away - Adikara Fardy

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