Kunci Gitar Petra Sihombing - Mine Chord Dasar

Intro : G D Em C

G                           D
 Girl your heart, girl your face
Is so different from them others
                  D                      C
I say, you’re the only one that I’ll adore

C-D-G                           D
     Cos everytime you’re by my side
My blood rushes through my veins
                   D                          C
And my geeky face, blushed so silly oo yeah, oyeah
      Am               D
And I want to make you mine

   G                          D
Oh baby I’ll take you to the sky
Forever you and I, you and I
    G                         D
And we’ll be together till we die
Our love will last forever
       D              C     D
And forever you’ll be mine, you’ll be mine

Musik: G D Em C

G                            D
 Girl your smile and your charm
Lingers always on my mind
I’ll say, you’re the only
One that I’ve waited for
      Am             D
and i want you to be mine

==Kembali ke : Reff

Musik: Am C Am C

      Am             D
And i want you to be mine
      Am             D
And i want you to be mine

==Kembali ke : Reff [2x]

Outro : G D Em C

D            G
you’ll be mine


Chord Petra Sihombing - Mine

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