Chord Kunci Gitar When The Smoke Is Going Down - Scorpions


Intro : Am F G Am [4x]

Am              G                Am  F G Am
Just when you make your way back home
            G           Am   F G Am
I find some time to be alone
           G                  Am   F G Am
I'll go to see the place once more
            G                 Am   F G E
Just like a thousand nights before

  I climb the stage again this night    
            Bb                  Am
  Cause the place seems still alive
              G            Am
  When the smoke is going down

Music : F G Am [4x]

            G               Am   F G Am
This is the place where I belong
        G                Am  F G Am
I realy love to turn you on
              G                 Am   F G Am
I've got your sound still in my ears
           G          Am    F G E
While your traces disappear

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Interlude : F G Am [3x] F G E

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          G             Am   F G Am
When the smoke is going down
          F       G      Am
When the smoke is goimg down ...

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