Chord Kunci Gitar Navicula - Dead Trees

Intro : G….G….G….G….
        Em C G….

Friends from the forest are calling me
I’m hearing them scream they want to be free
I want to stand with them
and the tall trees
        D#            G
For it will be gone tomorrow

Don’t tell me there’s nothing to say
Nature is not something you can throw away
It’s wrong to believe there’s time
to act tomorrow
   D#          G
Today is now tomorrow

     Em                 C
They left me a sign to help me find
          D                  G
cause they’re running out of time
    Em            C
Oh, my friend, I know you are
you watching me….

  G                      Em
  Dead trees marking my way
  it all disappears
  that’s why I’m here
  G                 Em
  I keep finding my way
  so that one day
     C              Cadd9
  My darling we’ll walk through
  the green

Int. G..

  G                      -D          G
I feel something wrong is happening today
  G                               -D            G
People are moving so fast they’re losing their way
I understand what we think and
     C           D#         G
believe in today can affect tomorrow

     Em            C
And can you find peace of mind
     D              G
the end could be today
        Em                 C
You choose your way the games you play
it’s up to you…...

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Musik : Em D C
        Em D C.….

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Outro : G.…..G

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